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Sarah McCalden

The Sarah McCalden

My mission is to empower, guide and inspire men and women across the globe to live their highest vision through the application of personal development and success principles.

Having been through an extensive period of personal transformation myself, I can help you break free of old self-limiting beliefs, using powerful mindset medicine. My passion for helping others achieve extensive financial and personal abundance is powered by my own experience in building a multiple-six-figure business and creating MSIs, in less than a two year period.

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Meet your Prosperity Coach

I run 1-1 and group Prosperity and Success coaching for indivuals and teams who are ready to invest in themselves, and commit to the coaching journey in order to achieve greatness in their lives.

My programmes teach powerful strategies and facilitate a change in mindset in order achieve better results, in the areas of your life, you are working on. My programmes help to expand your awareness so that you can UNSTICK yourself and reach your full potential. YOU CAN create the life and results that  you really want. Find out more about the coaching programme today.

The Female MSI Club

Create Your Own Economy

What's an MSI, you wonder? It stands for multiple sources of income OR multiple streams of income.

Coming Soon.... Watch this space!

About Me.

Hi I'm Sarah - mum to Hunter and Finn and wife to Fred. We currently live in London, UK. I have been on my journey of self-discovery and personal development for some time now and am so grateful for the amazing journey it's been so far. 

I am a passionate home-schooler, passionate about children's Right to play and I am vegan for the animals. My favourite hobbies are being in the outdoors, reading, and spending time with my family and friends. 

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They Say

Dave Alexander

Online Business Owner

"I met Sarah when I began a serious study of personal development in 2018. Since then I have regarded her as my mentor, and she has had a major influence on my growth both personally and in business."

"Sarah was an absolute blessing at a very transitional point in my life.  My future was uncertain physically and professionally. Sarah shared resources with me and supported me through a life changing surgery, a change in professional direction and a personal growth journey that has helped me create success in those areas. Her heart centered approach, contagious giggle and persistent drive to reach goals are truly inspiring. "

Laurel Goulden-James

Registered Massage Therapist, BodyMind Coach, Online Entrepreneur

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